Having questions, doubts and second thoughts are natural. That is what the FAQ section is here for. For a specific question, just click on it but if you are here to understand more on the what, how, when and where of all that we do, then we suggest reading from the beginning.

Are You Just Wedding Photographers?

The simple answer is no we are not. The long answer is we are photographers, and that means we do a lot of shoots ranging from weddings to model shoots and off-location creative photography. While we have dedicated packages for wedding photography, we offer customized solutions for events and shows. We are also into architectural and hotel shoots. Use the contact form to get in touch or give us a call to book an appointment.

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What Is Your Experience In Wedding Photography?

Suffice to say; we have been working weddings for more than half a decade now. What initially began more as a hobby just because we loved capturing moments in stills, has today morphed into a livelihood. Someone once said, “if you do what you love, you will forever love what you do.” We love photography, and weddings bring out the best in us.

What Style Of Photography Do You Use?

Wedding photography is our forte, but we do a lot of other things as mentioned previously. Now, each wedding has its unique essence and style. It is influenced by the location, time of day, rituals involved among many other things. Following a rigid style will never work with Indian weddings because of the many variables.

Hence, we use our unique style that involves candid, artistic, photojournalistic and documentary photography styles. Depending on the moment and the need of the hour, we decide on the appropriate style of photography. Many times, our motivations are instinctive because of the years of experience we have piled on. On other occasions when the variables are known, we actively decide on a particular style to follow throughout the event.

Do You Mind Travelling Outside Your Home State?

While we are based in Bhubaneswar, India, we often have to travel across the country on assignments. Every travel opportunity is an excuse to shoot at a different setting and background, so we love and accept all kinds of travel requests.

What Are Your Charges For Outstation Engagements?

We have a fixed assignment fee depending on the kind of involvement you need from us and the size of the team we will have to bring along. Other than our wedding packages, we only ask for actual travel and lodging expenses during any outstation assignment.

As photographers, we are always on call, so we never miss a single memorable moment. But we also understand that there will be non-billable days in travel assignments, for which we do not charge other than the cost of stay and travel itself.

Are You An Individual Or A Team?

Frankly, we are a team comprised of several people, each with his or her expertise. Depending on the package and specific client requirements, we may travel as an ensemble of three to five individuals or even as a single person. It depends on what you need from us.

Back at our studios, we have a dedicated team of full-time photographers, cinematographers and editing professionals who all work towards the common goal of immortalizing your cherished memories.

Can You Shoot For Both Sides Of A Wedding?

Yes, we offer complete wedding packages that cover the bride and groom sides. In fact, we recommend taking the full package for this exact reason. Instead of hiring two separate teams with differing goals and styles, it is always better to have the same team for both the sides in a wedding. The result is so much more blissful.

When Should I Book?

Indian weddings are a lengthy affair. People decide on venues, dresses, activities and every minute detail months in advance. We suggest you reserve your dates as soon as you know what they are. When we commit to you, we block off those days from our calendar and do not entertain any other party. Hence, booking early will ensure that we are reserved just for your special days.

How Do You Charge? Hourly, Per Day Basis Or Per Activity?

In a wedding assignment, our charges are based on activity basis with a reservation to time limits. We understand everything cannot be time bound in a big event like a wedding, so there is some relaxation according to the events.

Do You Have Specific Assignment Times Such As Hours In A Day You Work?

Other than wedding days, we restrict our time limit to 10:30 Pm on days of an event like Sangeet, Mehendi or Engagement. On the wedding day, however, the time is extended till 6:00 AM the next day, as most of the wedding happens during the night. Anything extending from this time limit, or new inclusion of events will not be documented unless until it’s mentioned at the time of Booking.

Do You Provide Wedding Albums?

Marriage books or albums are an integral part of our work. Images shall be given to you for shortlisting the pictures of your wedding. These shortlisted pictures are used to form your story into an album.

You received a digital copy of the album as well as a physical copy of the same. After all, it is your album that you will cherish for the rest of your lives, till death does you apart!

What About Cinematography And Video Services?

Yes, absolutely! Photography is just one aspect of our wedding services. The other aspect is complete cinematography. We don’t just take videos and shoot everything. We collect hours of footage, edit them to make a full movie of your beautiful ceremony and the days leading up or away from it. Our deliverables depend on the package you choose and can include a wedding trailer, a full movie of no less than 30 minutes to a full showcase of your event.

How Many Pictures Will We Get At The End?

When we cover a wedding, we do not keep count of the number of photos we take. We shoot to our hearts fill and only after the event is over, do we go over our entire collection. During the processing period, we reject anywhere from 60 to 75% of all material for some or the other reason. Expect anywhere from 100 to 200 images per day of the assignment.

What Kind Of Editing Will The Photos Have?

More often than not, our photographs do not need any editing. However, to match the storyline or enhance the value, we may engage in a light touch such as improving vibrancy, saturating colours, draining colours and the likes. Our ultimate goal is to provide a visual satisfaction that gives you a smile each time.

Do I Get The Complete Dump?

Absolutely! We do not want to keep any memories hidden from you, as an artist, we may not like certain photos but respect your choice as well, so we make sure you get the complete data, from which you then select what you want to be included in your album. We might be using some of the chosen photos on our page/website, but rest all belongs to you.

What If I Am Not Happy With A Certain Part Of The Wedding Pictures?

Wedding picture also depends on various factors like the venue, the time given to us for photography, the stage, the decoration, etc. We are hundred percent committed to your satisfaction, Your wedding is the most important day of your lives, and we strive to provide you with the best memories possible. We work until you are satisfied with the result.

What Is The Average Delivery Time For Our Album And Other Products?

It takes us anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to finalize and prepare your album after which it can take another 2 to 3 weeks for the physical album to reach you.

Do I Retain Usage Rights? What About Copyrights?

Yes, you have full usage rights for your photographs as long as it is for non-commercial usage. You can do anything with the end products as long as you do not resell to make money off the images. As the photographer, we own the copyright to the intellectual property, which is the original photographs and minutes and hence the author rights to each.

I Do Not Want You To Display The Final Wedding Photos On Your Portfolio or Social Media Accounts. Will You Honour This Request?

Yes, absolutely! While we are proud of the terrific photographs we take and love showing off our work to the entire world, we understand that to some it may be too personal. If you choose not to disclose your photos and want us to refrain from publicizing them, please let us know beforehand. We can work something out, of that, you have our complete assurance.

Are Prices Negotiable?

Getting married is a huge achievement and an expensive affair today. We understand the cost involved in a marriage and how challenging it can be to sponsor it. However, premium wedding photography too requires a lot of cost-intensive components. Our prices are non-negotiable because we believe in zero compromises for the client.